Let’s talk about Oaths

With Heathenry, Oaths are tremendously important to us. While an Oath can be simple, it should never be given out easily, unlike a promise you could make in passing. Oaths aren’t just related to heathenry, in fact, many people make Oaths in many different situations for instance when they are witnesses in court and when... Continue Reading →


What Drives You Crazy?

We all have things that we hate... stuff that just gets under your skin more than other stuff. It can be the smallest of things that make us frustrated and make us want to yell out. Everyone has pet peeves, so I thought I would share 50 things that drive me crazy, and I bet... Continue Reading →

40 Truths I’ve Learned about Life

The one thing about life is that it’s a learning experience. A never-ending process of growing and developing whilst moving forward. You learn to live with what you can’t change, and also gain knowledge on new things every day. The problem is we are always in a hurry to grow up and feel the pressure... Continue Reading →

10 Small ways to make Life Simpler.

Simplicity is making the journey of this life with just enough baggage - Charles Dudley Warner Life is complex and at times stressful, therefore I love simplifying my life to make myself more effective and happier. Yet where do you start? In today’s article, I would like to share some small habits that I use... Continue Reading →

Finding The Right Path

Growing up I never followed any religion, I believed in only science nothing else. Yet often I found myself wishing that there was something else to have faith in so that in turn I could find more meaning to life.  I had always had an interest in Norse Mythology and would continuously look up the Norse... Continue Reading →

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