In today's Norse blog post I talk about Yggdrasil  (pronounced “IG-druh-sill”; Old Norse Askr Yggdrasils) which is the centre of the Norse spiritual Cosmos, also known as the Tree of life. Now the Nine Worlds are held in the branches and roots of this internal green Ash tree, which is grown from the Well of... Continue Reading →


Let’s talk about Oaths

With Heathenry, Oaths are tremendously important to us. While an Oath can be simple, it should never be given out easily, unlike a promise you could make in passing. Oaths aren’t just related to heathenry, in fact, many people make Oaths in many different situations for instance when they are witnesses in court and when... Continue Reading →

Finding The Right Path

Growing up I never followed any religion, I believed in only science nothing else. Yet often I found myself wishing that there was something else to have faith in so that in turn I could find more meaning to life.  I had always had an interest in Norse Mythology and would continuously look up the Norse... Continue Reading →

Heathenry: Wights, Gods and Ancestors

Often, I am asked about ‘who’ or ‘what’ I worship by those who are curious about my religion. I tell them that I HONOR my ancestors, Wights and Gods with my actions and give offerings at the appropriate time, such as special holidays or occasions.

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