Working in a Male Dominated Sector

1 in 4 people who work in engineering or technology are women.
You may think this isn’t so bad but let me put this in a more general perspective.

For instance, I myself work as an IT technician, giving out technical support, testing hardware and so on, but I am the ONLY female technician in the whole company who have several large offices in the US and other areas of the world.

In fact, I often face discrimination whilst on the phone to other engineers who require technical help. Mostly they repeatedly ask to be transferred to technical support in which I answer I am technical support how can I help? This is met with a large awkward silence in which they go oh…

I can’t tell you how awesome it is when I solve someone’s issue when they act all surprised that I can help.

One point to us women….

The thing is the statistic saddens me, we need more females in the industry yet often men are seen as the more capable gender.
Generally, they are stronger than women and can perhaps do more heavy lifting than us – again this is based on genetics, the biology make up of males and upbringing.¬† Yet that has no effect on who’s smarter than who.

What I’m trying to say is that us girls CAN do well in the industry. We are smart if we push ourselves to be. Knowledge is power and we need to push these boundaries away so that girls can aspire to work in engineering or technology.

Ladies get excited and get strong. Realise that we can achieve anything if we put our minds to it.

Never let a stereotype stop you from doing well in life.


One thought on “Working in a Male Dominated Sector

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  1. I’m a male working in a female dominated sector (education support) so I understand your situation to a certain extent. Early on, a rare male colleague gave me a good bit of advice: “never let anyone diminish your skills because of your gender”. He was meaning that I would encounter people who would think that I was good at my job, especially when working with boys, just because I was a man, not because I personally had any skills. As a woman, I expect your individual communication skills (using this as an example as it tends to be an area women are better at than men) might get overlooked simply because you’re a woman. Sure, you might be great with customers, but that’s because you’re a woman, not because of you as an individual and the work you’ve put in to get and hone those skills. Even when you’re doing well you can still be gender stereotyped!


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