Is This The End?

Perhaps one of the most asked questions in science is are we reaching the end of the end of the world? Are we soon facing extinction?

Well, let’s be honest for a second none of us really know the answer. There are so many factors that can change the time of “The End” such as global warming, world wars, nuclear warfare, virus mutations and so much more.

Global warming is often debated on whether it’s actually happening or not.  Mainly the people saying it isn’t are the ones that believe the world is flat. If we look into the actual science we can see that the ovens levels are rising due to the ice melting in places such as Antarctica. Species are dying due to temperatures rises and it has a knock-on effect on everything else.
Due to global warming, we see certain animal groups migrating to different places in the world to try and cope.

Apparently here in the UK, we are awaiting an onslaught of large spiders which is making me want to jump ship.  The world is changing and we really aren’t helping it.
The amount of crap we put into the world and the foundations we tear down are destroying the very planet that gave us life.
At the rate we are going we can expect dramatic effects in the years to come.

World wars and nuclear warfare (Thanks, North Korea) are another major threat we must face. Due to mankind being insistent on solving things with violence we are slowly killing each other off. Not only is nuclear warfare so unpredictable it can cause devastating effects to anything within a perimeter from the initial attack.
Humans for some reason enjoy guns.  Guns that are meant protection instead are used to kill others for some stupid reasons like religion or because someone offended someone else.

You turn on the news and there’s another major story of an incident with guns or bombs on somewhere in the world. We don’t need to worry about the planet ending because we are killing ourselves anyway.

Soon the ratio between death and birth will be completely flipped on its head with more people dying and fewer people being born.

Lastly let’s look at Science and with that, I mean virus mutations. We are not the only ones evolving and developing to our environments. Viruses are forever mutating to try and get around our antibiotics. It’s a constant battle and we are already seeing developments that overcome our modern medication.
There are hundreds of films and books based on a vital infection infecting humans and making them turn cannibal. Yet if we look into the actual science we can already see that we have something similar. Currently, it only effects carpenter ants (no need for panic just yet) but this fungus named Ophiocordyceps unilateralis causes ants to enter a zombie-like state where it changes their characteristics causing them to leave their territory and die.

This is one of the many things that can deem nature as scary, but we also have to open our eyes and realise that this could happen in a human scenario. We use antibiotics far too much to the point where infections and such are resisting them. Soon antibiotics will be useless until we adjust them to combat the stronger conditions.

So really is this the end? Are we facing extinction? The answer is yes we are facing extinction but placing a timeline for when this happens is near impossible due to different factors.

What I will say it’s up to us to try to prevent extinction for as long as possible and to fight back.

Our very existence depends on it.


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