7 Things I wish People Knew about Mental Illness.

  1. Don’t tell me it could be worse – We know it could be worse, but saying this makes us feel selfish for having a chronic illness.
  2. I’m Not Lazy – Depression can be so severe that you physically have no motivation whatsoever to function normally or do daily tasks such as even getting out of bed. Everything feels like it is too much to the point where our throats close up at the thought of looking after ourselves.
  3. I’m Not Always Confident – We constantly feel like we are being judged. Having a mental illness can make you feel like you have a target on you, and that drops your self-confidence a lot.
  4. Sometimes I’m more stable, but I’m not cured. – We have days where we can pretty much function properly. Yet that doesn’t mean we are all better. Mental illness is chronic, it’s not the flu. It doesn’t just go away.
  5. It hurts when you seem ashamed of my diagnosis – Nothing hurts more than the people you love acting as if your mental illness is catchable and embarrassing. It’s something completely out of our control.
  6. It’s not a competition – Mental illness affects people in different ways, but each person who suffers matters. Each person has a serious illness that needs to be treated with the same care as everyone else. Stop comparing A to B, and instead realise that no matter what it is, they are suffering, and therefore they need you.
  7. I have bad days even with Medication – Medication doesn’t cure mental illness. All it does it help to try to subside the symptoms. It doesn’t make us impervious to life if something bad happens we react, and if we are in a bad mood we will remain in a bad mood.

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