Dear 13 Year Old Me

It’s me, the older version of you, but I’m afraid to say the not much taller version! (Enjoy being one of the tallest teens around for a few more months before everyone else grows.)

I am writing to you from our future. And while I know you’re totally nerding out right now (“Is time travel doable like I always thought it would be?” “Do flying cars become a thing?”), you need to put that Xbox controller down and listen up. As I have a message for you that will save you a lot of grief in the future.

First of all welcome to your teenage years, by now you’ve realised that life isn’t fair. Adults and other kids will make judgements and decisions about you before they even know you. You can pretend it doesn’t bother you, but deep down it does. You will struggle with your self-esteem, even if you don’t act like it. Yet remember that what people know about you is only what you let them see. Although some people will try to make you feel insecure, and that they have no place in your life, know that you’re surrounded by wonderful people who genuinely love you for you, not for what you wear or how you act.

I know right now you’re worried about what the future actually holds for you, and on whether you’ll find your place in the world. You’re unsure of whether you should stop playing football and act more like a ‘girl’ because that seems to be what the boys want. Looking around the classroom you see the group of popular girls. You want to be them… but you also know you can’t be.

So with your nose in a book, your head goes off to magical places inhabited by the dauntless heroes you yearn to be. Hoping that at some point you’ll be the person others want to be, someone people want to be friends with.

Well, stop right that. At some point, people will realise how awesome you are and how much potential you really have. Those boys that snicker at you in class, are now the boys who are alone.  Girl you’ve got this.

In a few years, you’ll get the ground running. The knowledge you gain from reading all those books will give you the jump start in life. You’ll get even closer to your family, and as you begin to find yourself, you also find your real friends, and the anxious feeling in your stomach will start to settle a bit.

You’ll go through a lot in the next coming years. Things that will permanently change you, but this is a good thing. It’s called growing up. Try and learn everything you can, expand on your skills and spend more time with family.

Keep your music turned up loud and enjoy life for what it is. Stop worrying about what may happen, instead focus on the present and realise there is so much out there for you. Trust your gut. You have good instincts. You know when something is not right: don’t question that feeling, go with it.

You would not believe how awesome things get when you’re 22, you have your dream job as an IT technician, you’re with the most brilliant guy around and you’re constantly getting better mentally. You’ll also find peace as a follower of Asatru so start looking into that now so the gap you feel in life is closed sooner rather than later. All of this happens if you keep your head up and take opportunities when they happen, do not shy away and not take chances.

I want you to know that you’ll one day be happy with who you are and what you’ve got in life. That you’ll realise everything gets better even if it takes longer than you think. Working hard will get you far in life and it also makes it more enjoyable in the long run. Hug your family and friends more and tell them how much you appreciate them because they are irreplaceable.

See you in the future,

22 year old me



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